Questions And Answers

Questions and answers here are included in order to keep email down to a manageable pile. These are the questions that are most frequently asked by people who write our staff.
  • What are the church affiliations of the people who write for this online collection? The staff members are from a wide assortment of Christian churches.
  • What are the beliefs of the people who make the Christian animations in specific? You may go here to read the beliefs shared in common among our staff. The Apostles Creed.
  • Do people need to have common political views with the creators of this collection in order to use the animations? We live in a country that tolerates diversity and we anticipate diversity here. This does not mean that we always prescribe to our visitors views. The animations collection was not created with the intention of representing the beliefs of every person who visits it. Most topics covered here are used in some way by mainstream Christianity. Sometimes historical topics associated with the cultures of people in the Bible are also added to the collection. 
  • Can visitors suggest new topics? Kathy Grimm normally creates animations closely associated with traditional liturgy and with the Bible. If you have suggestions under these topics, she may consider them. However, the work found here is what she has time to produce. She rarely, if ever, produces political topics or animations representing controversial subjects that she does not agree with or share some common interest in.
  • Can visitors include the animations in other online collections? Read our terms of use. Work that is new and created for this file should be only redistributed from this file collection. Animations that are included in articles on personal posts to demonstrate a point or on church webpages to decorate or emphasize beliefs are not technically "redistributed." Congregations may also use our animations in media related projects and this could include advertising for them. But ordinary use of Kathy's animations should not be profit driven; these kinds of profits are frequently made by third parties on websites that host large animation collections. Our original animations should not be altered or misrepresented as property belonging to the public domain when it isn't.
  • How do you define "Christian"? Well if you share in the beliefs of the Apostle's Creed, Nicene Creed or Baptist Confessions we consider you a Christian. Even if your church denomination has a problem with this, we don't. 
  • Are some of the animations in the public domain? Yes, some of the animations have been dedicated to the public domain, and some of them have been released by public news groups for personal use only. Make sure you can discern the difference between those animations that are produced by our staff and those that are not, before making assumptions about everything listed here. Usually images not belonging to this site originally are not referenced under the post as belonging to Kathy. We keep some of these so that our staff can use them without fear of spam being attached to them. We remove spam from animations and folks like to download from our collections because they know we do this.
  • Where do the descriptions of the animations come from? Our staff adds the tags and the general descriptions, however, sometimes added notes from Murry's Illustrated Bible Dictionary and Wikipedia are included as well.
  • What are gifs. exactly?   Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium
  • How many kinds of animation are there? The 5 Types of Animation 
  • How To Do Stop Motion Photography? The Slanted Lens video 
  • Why are there so many old gifs.? These are cleaned of spam and uploaded here for school kids and web masters who may still wish to use them for personal web pages. Many of the web sites that once redistributed this material no longer exist.