About and Terms of Use

I am a art educator k-12 and college, illustrator and studio painter. I love teaching both children and adults about anything connected to the arts. When I am not in class or the studio, I am blogging about all kinds of artistic interests online.

The animated gifs, jpgs, png etc... in this journal may be freely incorporated into your publishing. However, animations by Kathy Grimm, originating from this website, are not to be included in any other online collections of animations or clip art without a return link to this blog within the sub heading directly beneath each animation.  These original animations are clearly noted on each post and are created with those software resources clearly identified and linked to just right of our posts. Link to the domain, http://christiananimatedgifs.blogspot.com/ if you should use Kathy's work online underneath the animated image in your articles.
  • Do not sell or redistribute any of the animations for profits and incentives without authorization from their creators.  These have always been the terms of use attached to tiny animations released through online newsgroups.
  • Do not directly link to any of the animations. This is bandwidth theft. Download the animation to your computer first and then upload it to your web pages.
Some of the animations were collected and redistributed by a variety of newsgroups on the web for many years. These were tagged as public domain resource and are believed to be free of copyright. If any animation produced by another web master in this collection is not free of copyright, please contact our staff and we will either remove the animation or give an attribution to it's author.

This gif. web blog has:
  • no spam
  • no pop-ups
  • no advertising
  • no hidden links
  • no hidden agendas  
Enjoy, Donna (Kathy) Grimm