Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An Angel Revealed

The angel revealed, only to fade away.
"And the woman ran and made haste, and shewed her husband, and said: Behold the angel hath appeared unto me that came unto me the other day." Judges 13:10

Description of Angel Animation: He sits, like a perfectly polished stone, unmovable, unyeilding, content to wait for his purpose, peaceful and perfectly formed for communion with The Father. This marble angel is only visible in brief and then he fades into the air. Is he real? or imagined? Angel animated by Kathy Grimm.

       The difference between angels and men is radical. Angels were created as individuals; and although connected with others by a common nature, and placed in social relations with them, yet were not derived from any created being nor dependent on any, as a child must be on his parents. Men are created mediately--brought into being in a state of helpless infancy. --T. Bachanan, D. D.

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