Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shaking Green Package

Description of The Animation: Animated, green Christmas gift with red bow, tag reads "Merry Christmas"

This invitation animation was made by Kathy Grimm to encourage people to design festive web pages celebrating Christmas. Please include a link back to our little blog in a caption beneath this animation should you decide to publish it online. Thank you.
Our staff as collected even more shaking Christmas packages below for those of you who need to gift to more than one or two people this year. These animated gifs are not new. They have been "regifted" year after year all over the web for many holiday seasons!
A tiny red, white and blue box opens itself.

Animated green and yellow ribbons
dance on top of each box.

A spinning red package to place
beneath your cyber tree.

A green calico wrapped package
tied up with a red ribbon spins.

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