Thursday, July 9, 2015

Keyboard and Notes

Pastel colored musical notes,
electronic keyboard animation
Description of The Animation: keyboard animations of all kinds here, some also have animated notes as well

Did You Know? Keyboard instruments can be found as far back as the hydraulis in the 3rd century BCE, which developed into the pipe organ, and small portable instruments such as the portative and positive organ. Additional keyboard instruments, the clavichord and harpsichord, were developed in the 14th century CE. As technology improved, more sophisticated keyboards were developed, including the 12-tone keyboard still in use today. Initially, the keyboard of an instrument could only produce sounds of one particular volume. In the 18th century, the pianoforte was invented, which allowed a new way of controlling volume by varying the force of the keypress. Read more . . . 

An animated keyboard that plays it's self!
Animated, rotating electric keyboard

A tiny green frog plays piano keys.

An animated rotating grand piano with note.

"Bringing to you the keyboard cover of Muzikin' Anil's hit song 'Yesu Koraku Kadavaraku Yobu la Jeevinchuma' from one of the most loved Telugu Gospel albums 'SHADOW'. Be transported to a place of worship and praise for our God, as this talented keyboard player takes you there with his rendition of the cover music of this beautiful tune and melody. Let us all be grateful for not only the talents God gives us but the opportunities He provides us to be able to stand for Him and glorify His name."

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