Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Glowing Angel Carries a Cross

An angel flashes with color.
"And the angel said: Behold thou shalt be dumb and not able to speak, until the day that these things shall be performed, because thou believest not my works." Luke 1:20

Description of the angel animation: an angelic face frozen in a statue, flashing colors:blue, green and red, the angel carries a cross, wings by Kathy Grimm

"All that we know of the angels is, that they serve on earth and sing in heaven. All the idea that man can form of the ways of Providence, and of the employment of angels and spirits, must ever fall short of the reality; but still it is right to think of them. What can have a more exalting influence on the earthly life than to make ourselves, in these first days of our existence, conversant with the lives of blessed-- with the happy spirits whose society we shall hereafter enjoy? We should accustom ourselves to consider the spirits of heaven always around us, observing all our steps, and witnessing our most secret actions. Whoever has become accustomed to this idea will find the most solitary place peopled with the best society." Martin Luther

"I have talked much with angels about innocence, and have been told that innocence is the being of all good and that good is therefore so far good as it has innocence in it, consequently that wisdom is so far wisdom as it partakes of innocence." Swedenborg

 This song features on our album 'Angel Voices'

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