Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Animated Angel Statues

The grey version of two
animated angel statues
"And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect." Mark 13:27

Description of Angel Animations: Two animated angel statues sliced and colorized into animations by Kathy Grimm. They shimmer in and out of focus, one in natural greys, much like those you may see during a walk through the fog in a graveyard. The second angel animation in a soft blue light that reminds us of those super natural characteristics that people often associate with angels.

"And he said unto me: The Lord before whom I walk will send his angel with thee, and prosper thy way." Genesis 24:40.

       As the stars with all their constellations are shining overhead, although the clouds at night or the glare of the day may shut them from sight; as nearly all the great forces of the world are invisible--electricity, attraction, chemical action, light air--so we may be sure that, as Prof. Taylor Lewis says: "Invisible beings, superhuman if not angelic, having ethereal vehicles of motion, and of vast force, may occupy not merely the surface of the earth, and of other bodies which we suppose to be inhabited, but fill the air, the ether lying above the air, and all the intervening resisting space between the remotest parts of the earth, visible to our telescope. There is nothing incredible, irrational or unscientific in the idea. The consoling doctrine of mighty invisible agencies forming vast hosts under God's direction, working in nature, perhaps in its most interior depths, and all for the carrying on of his moral kingdom, is too clearly presented on the face of the Bible to be denied. This is a rational as well as a glorious belief. Well says an author of note: 'To insist that nothing exists but what the human eye can see is more worthy the intellect of a Calaban than that of a Milton or a Newton.'" -- Peloubet.

The blue version of the same
animated angel statue, shimmers
 in and out of focus.

MarianumLIVE 30 maart 2012 'DE BRON' Groenlo Netherlands
Produced by Frits Maters

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