Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Animated Snow Men

Animated snowmen for Christmas and winter fun.
Snowman waves candy cane, birds waves wing.
Very snowy weather we're having.
Snowman juggler and audience.
Snowman walk
snowman tips his hat.

Computor Lab Animations

I bet you thought these ancient computer animations had all but disappeared! Well, us oldies still have them buried in our antiquated collections. Enjoy.

Computer dancing
Cave man taps his fingers while waiting for
 the computer to download a document.
Crazy typist at a computer.

Man snores while sleeping at his monitor.
Hungry toothy mouse eating digital cheese.
Lady types and taps simultaneously.
People talking around a computer at work.
Man growing long hair while
waiting on computer connections.
Old computer screen belts out music.

Classic Christmas Stockings in Red and White

Hang these charming red Christmas stockings from your web pages for Santa to fill.
Traditional swinging stocking with candy cane.
A blinking Cat waits for Santa to arrive.
Swinging red stockings yet to be filled with Christmas treats.
Sparkling red stocking and Christmas holly.
A Christmas kitty takes a ride in a red stocking.